What was your mortgage situation prior to starting with Replace Your Mortgage?

We had a 30-year mortgage with a starting balance of $335,000. When we joined RYM, we had $305,000 in remaining principal balance after paying our monthly payment for 4 years.

What is the current status of your HELOC and how many months did it take you to achieve it?

We got our HELOC approved after 2 months of trying.

We've only been able to apply the methodology for a few months. After 2 months, we have reduced our principal balance to $297,000.

What was your biggest concern when deciding to join RYM?

Before being in the RYM program, I wondered, "Is it a sham? A quick way to take our money?"

After being in the program (pre and post HELOC approval), I was concerned that a bank will freeze the liquidity of the HELOC.

How has using the RYM strategy changed your life?

We're on our way to financial freedom. In a few years, I'll be working because I want to, not because I have to.

My wife and I are at the point where we want to start a family. The ability to dictate when we want to work is going to be huge. We make good money, but when I'm not home to see our future kids growing up, I know I'll regret it.

Thank you for helping us figure out how to get ahead and out of the rat race.

What advice would you give to a homeowner considering trying the RYM strategy?

2 items...

1. It works. It's math, as your team says.

Positive cash flow is the game. If you have it, it will work.

2. Ask for testimonials (and ask RYM for clients willing to do this) if you don't believe it. I certainly would be willing.

Disclaimer: Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank, and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.
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