What was your mortgage situation prior to starting with Replace Your Mortgage?

We had just refinanced after years of being under water with a 30-year mortgage.

We had a first mortgage paying interest only and a second mortgage with an interest rate of 10.275%

Our principal balance was $217,000 after paying our monthly payment for 12 long years.

What is the current status of your HELOC and how many months did it take you to achieve it?

After 12 months, we have reduced our balance from $234,000 to $178,000.

What was your biggest concern when deciding to join RYM?

I was concerned with changing banks and that I wouldn’t budget our money enough.

How has using the RYM strategy changed your life?

I see a way to not only pay off our mortgage early but also to pursue my dream of real estate investing to create passive income.

What advice would you give to a homeowner considering trying the RYM strategy?

Do it, and do it now.

Disclaimer: Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank, and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.
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