What was your mortgage situation prior to starting with Replace Your Mortgage?

I had a 30-year mortgage with a starting balance of $148,000, and a $147,000 principal balance after paying the monthly mortgage payment for 5 months.

What is the current status of your HELOC and how many months did it take you to achieve it?

The opening balance of my HELOC was $148,580, and it was opened late in the end of August 2018.

I put all my liquid cash into it, as well as all my income since then. My current principal balance is $74,000.

What was your biggest concern when deciding to join RYM?

I had already been doing a lot of research and reading about velocity banking.

And I had a friend who used this strategy successfully for many years, so I really had no concerns to overcome in joining RYM. I really just wanted access to the bank list and the Facebook group.

How has using the RYM strategy changed your life?

It has allowed me to put the concern of the house payment on the back burner and focus on the bigger priority of learning how to build wealth for retirement.

What advice would you give to a homeowner considering trying the RYM strategy?

If you have more money at the end of your bills every month (at least $100) and the discipline to stick with a plan, then this plan is really something to consider.

Disclaimer: Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank, and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.
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