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Savvy Homeowners Are Replacing Their Archaic Mortgages with Better Financial Technology... and Saving a Bundle

Does paying your mortgage every month cause you stress?

Do you ever look at your statement and think, "How could I possibly still owe that much after all this time?"

Would you be excited to pay off your home off in 5-7 years... without having to make any more money?

Good news... Financial technology now makes that entirely possible.

That said, I bet you’re probably thinking what everyone else does:

"That sounds too good to be true!" (Or, more bluntly, “I’m calling B@#@$!%!”)

I get it because that’s exactly what I said when a mentor first told me about this strategy.

But, after a great deal of research, I found out that it really is possible...but instead of explaining all of the banking jargon, let me use something we’re all more familiar with to explain why.

Your Mortgage is Like a Bulky Old Walkman™ Compared to a Sleek New iPod™

Music players got so much better over the decades, from vinyl records to cassettes to CD’s, right? Sound quality improved and CD’s lasted way longer than vinyl or cassettes.

Despite all of the improvements in both size and quality, every one of these tools (vinyls, cassettes, CD's) were still handicapped by one MAJOR limitation:

They could only hold a finite amount of songs on each vinyl / cassette / CD.

That meant you had to continually head to the store to find the record / tape / disc, pull out your wallet, and swap it out whenever the mood hit you to listen to the flavor of the week.

But that all changed in 2001.

Steve Jobs and his team at Apple debuted the iPod™, a device that could hold your entire music collection (thousands of songs) in your pocket.

It didn’t look much different from the Walkman™...but it played by an entirely different set of rules which allowed you to achieve results you wouldn’t have thought were possible the day before.

That’s the EXACT same scenario you’re in right now.

Your mortgage is like that old Walkman™ in the fact that it’s stuck with a set of limitations that make you believe it’ll take you 15-30 years to pay off your home...and when I tell you that it’s possible to pay it off in 5-7 years at your current level of income, you think I’m blowing smoke.

But I’m not...

I’m talking about a financial technology that plays by a different set of rules (like the iPod™), and has the power to make the traditional mortgage obsolete.

To be clear, I'm NOT saying replacing your mortgage is the right move for you. (It works great for people with certain financial situations...but it’s not right for everyone).

What I AM saying you could end up throwing away tens or HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in wasted mortgage interest payments if you don’t investigate further.

There isn’t enough space to dig into all the details here, so...

My Free Ebook Walks You Through Everything You Need to Know

To give you a one-stop step-by-step guide to clarify whether the financial technology my mentor taught me about is right for you, I created a free ebook you can download here.

Almost 10,000 Americans are downloading it every month. For your family’s future, I recommend you do the same.

Michael Lush

Disclaimer: Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank, and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.
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